To check all your lessons status.

Booking -> Lessons

Tutor can find upcoming lessons and the remaining time.

Click "Enter Classroom”

If the tutor wants to change another time for the lessons, click "Reschedule”, then the student will receive Email that asking the student to select a new time directly.

If tutor clicks the "Cancel”, the lesson will show up as "Canceled” from both tutor and student side. The fee will be refunded directly to student.

To check your previous lessons, please select an earlier date in "Lesson Start Date”

If tutors didn’t enter the lesson, "Lesson Time Has Passed” will show up, which means the lesson has not been delivered and the fee will not be credited on tutors’ account, and student couldn’t give  feedback on the platform for the tutor.

To avoid such situation, tutor needs to enter the lesson at least 1 minute and click "End Lesson”, if tutor still missed the lesson, please send the email